Is this your real job? 

My online vintage store is a true labor of love, but by day I’m an HR administrator at a start-up.  I’m also a contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Style pages (print edition), and sometimes photograph and write for their blog as well.

Where do you find all the stuff for your store? 

All over! While a good vintage magician never fully reveals her secrets, the life of a vintage shop owner means you are almost always looking, always seeing situations as potential sources of inventory. If I had to sum things up in one sentence I’d say it’s best to be really diverse in your search methods and maintain good relationships.

Do you wear vintage all the time?

Nope. Most days I wear a mix of vintage and modern. I usually only post an outfit on here if it’s heavy on the vintage side and I feel it’s relevant to my readers.

How do you photograph your stuff?

I take all photos myself unless otherwise noted. I use an old-ish Canon Rebel XTI with a 50mm lens and an even older Canon Powershot. For my outfit photos I use a self-timer.

Can I advertise on your blog?

Maybe, if it’s the right fit! Email me at catie@dronningvintage.com for rates


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