Burlesque in Glitter

Picture 20

San Francisco artist Jamie Vasta has been the object of my adoration for years. Her chosen medium is glitter and glue, and she creates amazing paintings (usually portraits) with extraordinary detail and expression. Recent works include burlesque performers. Here are some of my favorites.

Picture 21
Some of these portraits in this series are life sized. See? I told you she was amazing. See more of Jamie’s work here.


Sarah Eisenlohr Collages


Artist Sarah Eisenlohr makes startling surreal collages from magazines and glue, and likes to explore how humans can affect the landscape around them. Some of her images are sourced from older publications, and the people in their vintage clothes lend an extra not-of-this-world vibe to her pieces. I love them!




The Animal Art of Nicole Georges

Portland artist and illustrator Nicole J. Georges creates beautiful, whimsical images in many forms. You can find her work within the pages of books, zines, calendars, and on the walls of homes and businesses. Her subjects vary, but I am especially a fan of her custom pet portraits. Working from photographs, Ms. Georges creates ink drawings or full color paintings of all kinds of creatures. Go here for more on Nicole and her art. I’m saving up for a day when she can paint my animal friends.