What I’m Wearing: Vintage Marimekko

marimekko maija isola dress

A couple of weeks ago, while on a sourcing adventure for the shop, I found this Marimekko dress. Arguably Finland’s most well-known design house, Marimekko was founded in the early 1950s and has been producing bold, colorful prints, textiles and products ever since. I could hardly believe my eyes when I found this cotton dress. It’s a simple exaggerated a-line shape with pleats just below the bustline. And there are no zippers or other closures, it just pulls on over your head, so it’s meant to fit a bit loosely.

vintage marimekko basso textile

vintage 1975 basso marimekko

vintage marimekko basso label

Here’s the cotton tag sewn into the back of the neck. Maija Isola was one of Marimekko’s most prolific and popular designers. Basso is the name of the textile pattern. ‘Basso’ means ‘bass’ in Finnish. Some quick internet sleuthing lead me to the conclusion that this print (and dress) is from the mid-1970s, most likely 1975. While being almost forty years old, this dress still looks completely modern. I may put it in the shop eventually, but not any time soon.

vintage 1970s marimekko cotton dress

I wore this beauty with some very old H&M earrings and Acne ‘Pistol’ boots.


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