A Drink at Vesuvio

vesuvio sf bar north beach

It’s fun to play tourist in your own town. I’ve lived in San Francisco for over six years, and had yet to set foot inside Vesuvio, the legendary bar on a very short yet very famous strip in the neighborhood of North Beach. Vesuvio opened in 1948 and gained notoriety as being a popular hangout of the beat poets. It’s very small but feels bigger than it really is, partially because it is two stories tall. I ordered my martini and carried it upstairs to the balcony area, which was bathed in warm, amazing light.

dirty martini olive san francisco vesuvio

vesuvio bar liquor

vesuvio balcony

vesuvio upper balcony with lamp

outside vesuvio

north beach alley san francisco vesuvio

The mural outside of Vesuvio is legendary. I would argue that it is the most frequently photographed wall in the whole city, and that’s saying something. 

mural vesuvio alley north beach bar

dirty martini vesuvio


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