Everything Old is New Again

gladys and bert

I’ve been meaning to share this with you for a few years now. It’s a small thing, but I think it’s cute.

bert and gladys

My great-grandmother on my father’s side was named Gladys but went by Marie. Marie lived in Indiana and got married in 1921. She loved to get dressed up and have fun. The photo above of her in her fur was taken on New Years Eve, 1952. The top photo is undated but is probably about five years earlier. 

close-up newspaper

I recently found an old newspaper clipping that I thought had been lost. This is from the paper in Greensburg, Indiana from 1955. Apparently there was an annual event back then (I have found other online clippings from the fifties as well) called ‘Old Fashioned Bargain Days’ where for a weekend the town pretended to still exist in the olden days. This is a photo from a ‘Gay Nineties’ party where everyone dressed up in 1890s finery. That’s Marie, second from the left, and apparently she won third place for her attire. I find it so amazing that in 2013, with our Gatsby Picnics and tiki events and our appreciation for style of bygone eras, we were not so innovative. Look at this! People in the 1950s were already doing it.


Even the police were in on it and dressed appropriately. I don’t know if this photo was staged for the paper or what, but it shows a horse and buggy getting a speeding ticket for going above the 1890s speed limit of seven miles an hour. Look how out of place that straight-out-of-1955 crewcut white t-shirt wearing fella looks.  The Gay Nineties. And my great-grandmother was all about it. I wonder what she would think of her vintage-loving great-grand daughter? We’d probably get along famously.


2 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. Catie — Daddy Bert was often away working on the railroad. Marie was a working girl, first selling men’s clothing in a store on the town square, followed by managing the local license bureau where I like to play with the vision testing machine. Oh, and by the way, I have the hat and most of the costume from the Gay Nineties party. They’re yours!! Love, Aunt Nancy

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