Vintage Style Ladies Bicycles

vitnage 1940s lady woman's bicycle

For me, life is so much better when you have access to a bicycle. I love the freedom and autonomy a bicycle provides, not to mention the health benefits. For many years, a bicycle was my main mode of transportation.  I don’t have a bicycle currently (for a while my lifestyle and space didn’t really allow for it but now it’s more of just a space issue – affordable San Francisco apartments are tiny!) but I sure wish I did. I won’t be in my current place forever, and I know that my next home will be significantly bigger. Certainly it will have room enough for a bicycle again.

vintage girl on classic bike

I’ve already started brainstorming and bookmarking bikes that catch my attention for all the right reasons: good quality, simple mechanics, a step-through frame (so essential with dresses and longer skirts) and a classic vintage vibe. I know I’d prefer a modern, new bicycle as opposed to an actual vintage one. While true vintage bicycles and cruisers are beautiful and highly collectable, they can also be very heavy, are rarely the right size for me (a tall girl = poor vintage bicycle prospects) and I’d rather not gamble with hidden condition issues that may exist. With that in mind, below I’ve compiled a list of half a dozen vintage and Dutch style bicycles that strike my fancy.

vintage style green ladies bike

This one is from a UK company called Beg. Their website is divine. The style above is called the Betty

vintage girls yellow bicycle

This one is by Reid, a company based in Australia. 

red vintage style womens bike

This is the C7 from hometown favorite Public Bikes.

vintage style womens step through bicycle

This is Papillionaire’s ‘Sommer.’ They are also an American brand and have a brick and mortar store in New York.

vintage looking modern schwinn city bike women's

This is Schwinn’s City 3. Also made in America!

vintage style red girls bikeThis is from another darling UK company called Adeline Adeline, and this model in particular is the Pashley.

Now that bicycles are on the brain, how about some inspiration? Check out this amazing story of two friends who bicycled across America together during the summer of 1944.


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