Super Snacks


This Sunday, Ted and I went up to my mom’s house in Marin. I partook in my first Super Bowl party in I don’t know how many years. I’ll be honest – we only went to the trouble because the 49ers had made it.


I decided this was the perfect occasion to try a special avocado dip that I’ve had on my Pinterest food board for a long time. More on that in a minute.


My mom’s a thoroughly modern lady, and sometimes this makes me forget about the cool vintage stuff she has around her house. For example, all her Fiestaware, and this Depression-era quilt on her bed that her Granny sewed long ago. It’s huge when it’s all spread out.



She also has a couple of lovely tablecloths.


So anyway, the dip! The recipe was super easy. I used even less ingredients than what it calls for, and did just fine with avocado, white beans, extra virgin olive oil,  lime juice and some salt.




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