Hair and Now


Do you ever set goals for yourself and then somewhere along the way lose sight of why you made them in the first place? I think this has happened with my hair. For all of my teens and most of my twenties, my hair was barely long enough to pull back into a ponytail. Truthfully, I wanted long luxurious supermodel hair, but could never stick it out through that awkward growing-out stage and ended up getting it all chopped off a few times each year. Then, in my late twenties, I decided to just go for it. To just let it grow and not worry. And so I did. When not curled, my hair now hangs down almost to the middle of my back. I fear that now I have the opposite problem that I had before, and that my hair is now too long to do in the vintage styles that I like best. 


For example, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve tried out many a sponge roller set on the down-low. But have you also noticed how I never show the results? There’s a reason for that. *sad trombone*

I admire vintage gals like Tasha and Solanah, who know what looks great on themselves, how to expertly make those looks work, and generously share them on the internet with all of us. You know what else I like? A hair dresser who really listens and develops a relationship with you, and a salon where every treatment starts with a special treat. (Like scalp massages and a glass of wine!) Rush Canterbury is such a place. 


For my next trip to the UK there’s a million and one things I’d want to do. Number one, return to the Fashion Museum in Bath, the place I can honestly pinpoint where my fascination for vintage was born. Next would be a relaxing afternoon at Rush, where I would hope to emerge with any of Lauren Bacall’s hairstyles from Dark Passage. Well, it helps to have goals, right?

This post was composed in partnership with Rush Canterbury


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