Gloria Swanson Gown


Most people know Gloria Swanson as a mega-star of the silent film era who famously went on to play Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard a few decades later. (Sunset Boulevard, one of my favorite movies ever, is currently playing right now on Netflix  Instant, if you’re interested). In the 1910’s and 1920s, Gloria was at the top of her game, and if you do a bit of Googling you will find many photos of her (including production and promotional stills) wearing glamourous clothes.




Gloria Swanson was ahead of her time in many ways – she became a vegetarian the 1920s and when film work slowed, she starred in her own television series in 1948. She lived to be 84 years old and lead a fascinating life. She was an early adopter of the idea that celebrities could diversify their income by having eponymous clothing lines. These Gloria Swanson designs, mostly dresses, were manufactured from 1951-1958. I now have one in the shop!



It’s a lovely black velvet evening piece dotted with sparkly crystals. Have a look!

Gloria Swanson photos from here here, here and here.


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