Edwardian-era Artists Imagine the 21st Century

Picture 13
On of my favorite public domain jewels that the internet unearthed this year were the series of French postcards depicting life in the year 2000. These 80+ illustrations were created for the 1900 World’s Fair by various French artists.

Picture 20

Picture 23

The cards depict scenes from everyday life, like commuter travel, socializing, and regular tasks like going to school and making food. An interesting thing I noticed is that despite the incorporation of mechanization, flight, and sea travel into these activities, the fashions that these artists imagined did not seem to change much at all. No one was wearing space suits or any other freaky ‘futuristic’ style that art imagining the future in later decades so often depicted. The men still wear slim Edwardian suits, the ladies in big hats and long dresses with nipped waists.
Picture 33

Picture 32

Picture 30You kind of can’t beat the whale bus, though.

Images from the Wikimedia page


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