1934, 1944, 1954

I was up at my mom’s house this weekend and thought I’d use it as an opportunity to share some old photos from her side of the family that I’ve always loved.
This one was taken in the early-to-mid 1930s. My grandpa is the boy in all white just to the left of the beach ball.
And here’s my grandpa about ten years later, in his Coast Guard uniform. This was when he and my grandma were dating (that’s her sitting with him on top of the car).
I’ve always called this portrait “the engagement picture” but I’m not sure if that’s officially what it is. This is, however, from 1944. Look at the apples and cherries on my grandma’s sweater!
And here’s a portrait from April 1954, after my grandparents had married and had three of their four children. My mom is in the center. I had blonde hair like her when I was younger, too.


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