Armadillo? You’re a Dillo.

It’s no big secret that I love animal prints. And I don’t just mean,  say, a great vintage leopard coat, but novelty prints with illustrations of animals on them. This love easily carries over to animal shaped handbags, which are often made of wicker, hard to find, and usually very expensive. I have seen monkeys and horse shaped ones, and this spring Kate Spade came along with this amazing armadillo wicker bag.  I went  into a Kate Spade store a little while ago (there are two here in San Francisco) to take a look for myself. The bag might look big in the photo but as far as actual interior storage space goes, you’d have enough for a big wallet, sunglasses in their case, and maybe a book. It lifts up from the top like an old lunch pail.

Now, Kate Spade doesn’t necessarily carry the most inexpensive handbags in this world (although I do think they are worth the money), but I’ve seen actual vintage animal wicker purses priced  as high as $500. My best guess as to why the vintage ones are so expensive is that, for one, they are very desirable and two, wicker is not the sturdiest of materials and many have not lasted through the years! Anyway, Kate Spade’s armadillo bag is a bit less expensive by comparison to actual vintage ones. Last year Kate Spade’s summer handbag sale started right around the Fourth of July so I’m sure this will be included in their markdowns, if you want to wait a few more weeks.

(And if I do end up getting it I will most certainly remove that key fob/dog tag chain thing. I’ve never been a fan of those, which seem to dangle off so many mid-priced modern-day handbags in the past ten years or so.)


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