You Know the Drill

I had mentioned to my Grandpa that I was embarking on a low-level-of-difficulty home improvement project, and needed to somehow obtain a drill. He offered to lend me his, which I agreed to, sight unseen.

In the past I had used those black and yellow DeWalt cordless drills so I was a bit surprised when this drill, and all it’s accessories, were handed over to me. Grandpa assured me that it worked fine.I really love the way this drill looks. It is truly from another era. The design reminds me of a ray gun used by some all-American space cowboy in an early-1950s serial. I tried to find out how old it might be by typing serial numbers into various search engines, but to no avail. This thing is all metal, weighs a ton, and was made in the USA.
And it sure could drill! Now we’ve got a cute towel bar and shelf sitting pretty above the commode. I had always wanted a glass shelf with a single bar for hand towels in the bathroom. It only took me two years of living in this apartment to make that happen!
The all-white bathroom is now starting to get a little bit of color in it! That needlepoint piece I thrifted for about a dollar, the Dyptique candle is from Barneys (I had a gift card, normally it is not my style to spend so lavishly on something like a candle, no matter how wonderful it smells) and the tall porcelain piece is part of a three-piece 1910s-era Bavarian perfume decanter set that I got years ago.The pretty porcelain gal with the open back I got at a yard sale for a dollar – she’s great to keep my makeup brushes in! Next to her is an old perfume bottle that was too pretty to throw away once the fragrance was gone. Oh, and the towels are from Anthropologie. This being San Francisco, I stuck everything down to the shelf with earthquake tacky. You can never be too careful, and I would be so sad if my porcelain trinkets broke if they fell off the shelf during a big one.


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