Making Sets on Polyvore with Etsy Vintage

I recently wrote on my other blog about how Polyvore’s clipper feature can now be used to clip products (like vintage clothing!) from Etsy. This could not be done before, which is why the sets I made on Polyvore only contained new clothing. Observe…See how everything is brand new, without a stitch of vintage? (You can see my other Polyvore sets here). But don’t fret, for I bring you glad tidings! Etsy and Polyvore worked out their differences and you are now free to clip images from Etsy to design your dream outfits. I started this set below with a sweater from my shop with the intent to build an outfit around this Proenza Schouler bag that I’ve been gagulating over for months now.
I love how this opens up so many possibilities with creating looks and collages online. It’s also cool because you can mix vintage with the millions of modern items already on Polyvore, which is how most people wear vintage anyway.


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