Pendleton + Beach Boys

Pendleton is a classic west coast American heritage brand, and I love it when I can get some wool Pendleton shirts in my shop. When taken care of properly, these shirts can last a lifetime.
You may ask yourself what Pendleton shirts have to do with the Beach Boys. Plenty!
Before they were famous, and before they were even called the Beach Boys, they called themselves The Pendletones.
This name was a direct play on the ubiquitous wool plaid board shirt that surfers in their hometown wore to keep warm after coming out of the ocean.
Early publicity photos of the band, even after they officially changed their name to the Beach Boys, often show them still wearing those Pendleton board shirts.
When a Pendleton comes into my shop (and especially if it has a nice color scheme to it) it doesn’t stick around for long. People flock to vintage Pendletons for their classic look, quality of construction, material, and design, and the fact that they are often listed for less than half of what a brand new Pendleton would cost.
Make no mistake, a new Pendleton board shirt will last you just as long as vintage (if not longer) if you care for it properly. And the next time you’re at the coast, you can put Pet Sounds on your iPod and go the old school route and wrap yourself in a Pendleton instead of a plain jane beach towel.

All Pendleton shirt images are from the shop, Beach Boys images from herehere, and here 


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