Polyvore to the People!

Are any of you on Polyvore? I have been an active member for about six months, although I’ve been using the site for price comparison shopping for a few years. If you’ve ever wanted to play with clothes and accessories to create whole outfits a la ‘Index’ in Vogue or ‘Fabulous at Every Age’ in Bazaar, you’d have a lot of fun making what are called ‘sets.’
This is the most recent set I’ve made, and the first one that is vintage inspired, although all the clothes are new and can, coincidently, be purchased online. For me, making sets on Polyvore is a fun way to be imaginative with color, proportion, and different styles. You can also add text and photographs to your sets to give them an even stronger editorial look.
Here’s a set I made earlier this summer. There was a contest to create an outfit for your favorite fashion blogger out of a list they provided. The winner won a Chanel purse. I chose Erin from Calivintage. Sadly, that Chanel purse did not choose me!

Come find me on Polyvore right over here.


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