Birthday Party Photo Diary

It wasn’t my birthday that was being celebrated, but rather that of a lovely friend whom I met via a mutual love of vintage clothing. She is, among other things, an antique clothing restorer , a whiz of a seamstress and a total knockout. 
For her birthday, she suggested we come in our favorite party outfits, and if we needed assistance, she’d have a rack of pieces to throw on at the last minute. Having recently visited an estate sale in L.A., she had come into a collection of 1970s dresses that had once belonged to a lounge singer and recording artist.  
In other words, lots of lurex and sparkle. The lady in the first photo is wearing a glittery gold number from the haul. 
At this party I was introduced to the amazing concept known as a champagne carrying case. How have I lived this long without one? I immediately felt so pedestrian toting around my bottle of bubbly by the neck, it sitting there all naked on my lap in the taxi ride over to the birthday girl’s house. The more you know!


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