Keiko Lynn Wears Dronning Vintage

I was simultaneously surprised and delighted when noted style and beauty blogger Keiko Lynn bought a cape from the shop little while ago. My mind went racing. How would she wear it? What would it look like? Today, we got our answer.
How delightful! See, this is one of the many, many things I love about having my shop. You see, I am quite hard-headed when it comes to my clothes and usually have very specific visions of how I’d wear everything.  Maybe I’m a little too prescriptive for my own good.  I would have worn this cape with dark wide leg jeans and wooden platforms; definitely playing with the 1970s nuances, and nothing really feminine about it.  But look how awesome it is here!  One of the freeing things about vintage is that you often come into it with little context, so there’s less pressure to wear it one particular way (unless, of course, that pressure is self-induced, as is my case).

And you know something? Seeing how everyone wears and styles their vintage from Dronning is something I wish I saw more of! If you would like to send a photo of yourself gadding about in your Dronning goodies, please do so. Maybe I’ll start a gallery or something. (Of course, I’d never post anything without your permission.)

photos via Keiko Lynn


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