A Sweet Shindig with SF Girl by Bay!

Last night I was thrilled to venture once again to the Jonathan Adler store in Pacific Heights for an evening of friends, bubbly, and some happy chic decor.
Victoria Smith, whom I have been breathlessly following on SF Girl by Bay for years now, was the guest of honor.  It was great to finally meet her in person.  She is so sweet!
The store was positively popping with life and color, and by that I mean the guests as well as the merchandise. Fun fact: ‘Sparkle’ was my nickname in college! True story. And no, it was in no way a reference to the abuse of prescription drugs.
 Everything I wore was vintage (1940s through the 1980s) except for the sweater.


4 thoughts on “A Sweet Shindig with SF Girl by Bay!

  1. I love that you are on top of it missy! This post was was put up even before I got to work 🙂

    Lovely meeting you last night- you are so stunning and your style is perfection!! I have always been a fan of vintage! I’m off to find you on twitter now!

    xo Carlina

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