La Rosa Loveliness

Over the long weekend I finally spent some good quality time in a vintage store I’ve had my eye on forever: La Rosa.
There are a handful of vintage stores in San Francisco that I hold close to my heart (hmm, maybe I should put together a list some day) and La Rosa is definitely now among them.  Their vintage is of premium quality, and I would say the majority of their stock dates to the very early 1960s or earlier, with the 1920s-50s being their prime years.
This ’50s bouclé skirt has a loose plaid-like pattern in  lovely green, pink and brown  with silk lining.  It’s a touch big in the waist (I’d prefer it sit at my natural waist) so I might get it taken in an inch or two.
This rayon dress is from the 1940s (a very popular material for dresses of that era) with crystal clear plastic buttons and a funny fake bow tie made of green ribbon at the neck.

The 1940s and 50s are quickly becoming my favorite decades to collect.  I used to be all about the late to mid 1960s and early 70s, but lately I’ve been gravitating to earlier time periods.

If you find yourself in Haight-Ashbury (I myself actually do not, that often), pop into La Rosa.  It’s like stepping into a life-size jewel box, with plum colored walls and racks of treasures.

Top photo via San Francisco Days


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